Traffic during MotoGP Brno

How bad is traffic on Saturday and Sunday morning for MotoGP Brno?


Usually, the traffic on Saturday is alright.

On Sunday, the roads are very busy. Try to avoid the highway as much as possible. People start to arrive at the venue early in the morning. The peak is around 1 pm when everyone is present and ready for the race. After the end of the last run, people start to leave the circuit and the highway starts to become jammed again. For more information about the time schedule of the Czech GP please click here.

Here are some tips on how to make your life easier when travelling to MotoGP Brno:


  • The early bird catches the worm: Please note that you should expect extensive traffic volumes at the time of your arrival. We, therefore, recommend trying to arrive before 7.30am.

  • The more the merrier! We recommend filling every seat in your car. This will reduce traffic congestion and allow everybody to get to the event faster.

  • With the public transport or GProoms bus, there are numerous advantages when it comes to arriving at the circuit.

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