Parking at Brno Circuit during MotoGP


There are large parking areas provided in the Brno Circuit vicinity. Check out our parking guide and find the most suitable parking area during MotoGP Brno.


Parking for motorcycles:

For those who come on a motorcycle, three parking areas are available. One is located in the Polygon area (P-Polygon) just next to the Grandstand C. This parking is available only for Gold and/or higher ticket holders.

Silver tickets holders can park next to the Grandstand D (P-D) and under the high-voltage line (P-VN), next to the main entrance to the circuit. From this parking area, Gold ticket holders can walk through the underpass to Grandstand C.


Parking for cars:

There are many parking options for car drivers as well. You can park next to the Hájenka or on the field in Ostrovačice, on the field next to the main entrance (Jelínek) or from the other direction in Žebětín in the camping area next to the firemen and/or on the meadow.

Parking for handicapped visitors:

After purchasing the ticket, the wheelchair users and handicapped visitors can request a special parking card. This allows them to park in reserved areas with good accessibility and a good view on the racing track.

If you want to apply for the parking card, send an e-mail to The application has to include your ticket number and the copy of your ZTP/P card.

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