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There are several international airports where you can touch down in the Czech Republic. When coming for MotoGP Brno it is most likely that your destination will be Václav Havel Airport Prague or Brno Airport.

However, the Austrian Vienna International Airport would be an option, as well as Bratislava Airport, Katowice International Airport, Krakow John Paul II International Airport or Copernicus Airport Wroclaw.

Flying to Prague

Václav Havel Airport is an air gate to the Czech Republic. The airport is situated on the outskirts of Prague, but the connection with the centre is very good.

The Airport Express bus line will take you to the Main Train Station in the centre in 30 minutes. The line has its own fare and the tickets are available directly from the driver.

Once you reach the Main Train Station, take a train with České dráhy (Czech Railway Company) or RegioJet Company. The journey takes from two and a half to three hours.

Open this link and check the timetable.

You can buy your ticket online on the website of the České dráhy or RegioJet.

The easiest option, however, would be to take the bus straight from the airport. Very favourable services are offered by a company called RegioJet providing comfortable travelling from Prague airport to the Brno city centre. Its official website is accessible under this link. Make an online ticket reservation (from Prague - Václav Havel Airport Prague to Brno - AN u hotel Grand). The code of the reservation will serve as your ticket. After your landing at Prague, just get off at Terminal 1, where the car park and bus stops are and find a stop with route Karlovy Vary – Praha. Wait for arrival of a bright yellow bus with the RegioJet sign. It’s necessary to change a bus at the Prague Florenc bus station (Prague, ÚAN Florenc). After that just enjoy a hot drink, newspapers and movies until you reach Brno.


Flying to Brno

From some destinations, there are direct flights to Brno Airport as well. The airport is situated in the city district called Tuřany. To get to the city centre you can take a taxi or public transport. There are two buses bus E76 (goes every 30 minutes) or N89 (at night). Both will take you to the Main Train Station stop (Hlavní nádraží) near the city centre.

To check bus timetables, click here, and type ‘Letiště Tuřany - terminál’ in the ‘From’ field, and ‘Hlavní nádraží’ in the ‘To’ field. The journey takes around 20 minutes. Do not forget to buy a ticket at the airport!


Flying to Vienna

You can also travel from Vienna airport by train — there is a railway station in front of the arrivals hall. You can check the schedules and buy your ticket online here. Type Flughafen Wien in the ‘From’ field and Brno hl. n. in the ‘To’ field. You will have to change trains at Wien Hauptbahnhof and possibly in Břeclav as well.


Flying to Bratislava

The connection from Bratislava to Brno is very good and fast as it doesn’t take more than two hours. Search here for the best mean of transportation from Bratislava to Brno at the time after your arrival. There are services of EC trains, buses and RegioJet buses. It is better to book bus tickets in advance here.

Trains depart from Main station Bratislava Hlavná stanica. To get there from the airport, take the public transportation Bus No. 61 in front of the entrance to Terminal A.

Buy the ticket before in the machine for 0,90 EUR (Slovaks use Euros). Drivers do not sell the tickets.

To get to Central Coach Terminal (Autobusová stanica) at Mlynské nivy, you can use the same bus no. 61 from the airport and change for the bus no. 205 at Bajkalská stop afterwards. Get off the bus at Autobusova stanica stop and find the terminal for your bus. For public transport, you can also look here.


Flying to Krakow, Katowice or Wroclaw

Katowice, Krakow and Wroclaw are international commercial airports in southern Poland. The easiest way to get to Brno from these airports is to take a bus to Ostrava and to travel by train from there to Brno. It doesn’t take more than two hours. Search here for the best means of transportation from Ostrava to Brno at the time after your arrival.


Yes, there is an airport called Airport Brno-Tuřany. More information about the airport as well as air tickets can be found here.

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